Tax Party For Artists™ (TPFA) is a Fast-Trek  Guided Tax Coaching Program that helps Artists DIY their tax returns with Ease and Long-Term SAVING!



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Tax Coaching & Consultation

Knowledge is empowerment. Our Fast-Trek Guided Tax Coaching helps artists DIY their tax returns with EASE and Long-Term SAVING!


Tax Coach, Tax Preparer, CRA Approved E-Filer

Yawen is an artist-turned tax coach-accountant who throws tax parties that help artists get their lives and numbers transformed. Having lived herself the ins and the outs in the domain of performing arts, Yawen is aspired to UPLIFT, EMPOWER and INSPIRE others and create an exceptional life. All her programs and services promise Ease, Inspiration and Movement, facilitating performing artists on their path towards Self Empowerment and Self Elevation to finally achieve Creative and Financial Freedom.

"Yawen literally saved my life. At a time when I was at my wit's end with the tax season and the CRA, she became my champion. Her knowledge, experience and communication were such a welcome change to what I had dealt with in the past. I have never been more satisfied with an individual or service to this capacity in the past, and I would recommend her to anyone needing any assistance. Even now after I have moved across the world, she manages to assist me brilliantly. I will forever be indebted to her, and will continue to sing her praises in the future."

Curtis Foley
Ballet Master | Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa, Warsaw, Poland

"Yawen is a detailed-driven individual with the precision of classical music and the force of heavy metal."

Anthony Liam Kearns
Theatre Stage Manager

"Yawen never stop to amaze me with her diligence and hard work. Her continuous research and study of tax regulations helps her to identify legitimate and proper tax exemptions for her clients. She is meticulous and thorough. I can't say I have meet too many accountants who really cares about her clients. She is definitely one of them. I always trust her to look out for my benefits."

BC Lee
Actor for TV, Film & Stage | Owner, BC Lee Consulting

"Yawen is integral to my financial health. Often the world of Taxation can be daunting and overwhelming and in my case caused paralyzing fear due to back taxes owing. Through Yawen's compassionate and knowledgeable consultation I was able to make a plan, stay calm and understand what my next path of action had to be. I feel great and confident about where I am now. Most importantly, I'm no longer afraid. Thank you Yawen for your continued guidance and support."

Raugi Yu
Actor/Director for TV, Film & Stage

"We have used Yawen's services for a few years now and we have learnt so much from her. She is more than an accountant, she is a financial mentor and a hard worker. She is creative, especially when it comes to filing taxes in the arts, she is very prompt and organized. We would very much recommend her services to others."

Juan Villegas
Dancer, Yoga Instructor & Graphic Designer

"As I began my journey of self employment I knew next to nothing about how to manage my finances in a smart way. Yawen took time and care educating me and helping me to expand my awareness of what was possible, all with the idea of growing personally and professionally. The ease and beauty of being able to do all of this remotely has been fantastic. I can't recommend Yawen's services enough!"

Mark Atherton
Opera Singer & Yoga Instructor

"Coming soon..."

Jamie Nesbitt
Video Artist, Theatre Director, Actor & Professional DJ

"It is with great satisfaction that I endorse Harmonic Accounting and in particular Yawen. In an artistic career of some 37 years I have never been so well taken care of, with a more thorough investigation and follow through of my particular needs nor received a better tax outcome than the last 3 years that Yawn has taken over my file. It also results in peace of mind. I continue to recommend her to my friends and artistic community."

Heidi Klassen
Opera Singer & Voice Teacher

"[Yawen] has provided my husband and I with excellent support for our taxes for 3 years now. She has always been patient to our complicated financial needs, helping us understand the best financial path for us. She is quick to respond to any questions or concerns we might have, and is pleasant, polite and fun to talk with. Yawen herself is a very talented artist and understands the needs of other artists so she is perfect to handle my finances. I also like her holistic outlook towards money so life is in return the best it can be. I've already recommended 2 of my friends to her who are also very happy with the service. Thank you Yawen!"

Tia Taurere-Clearsky
Freelance Videographer & Editor

"Yawen gets it right from the very start and throughout the process of facing, dealing with, and being accountable for the energy we wield regarding money and our finances. TPFA, lead by the amazing, insightful Yawen, gives you hands-on in-depth ways to free yourself from debt, and the feeling of this is too much too handle... Economical and practical TPFA is for anyone wanting to take the reins of their taxes and free themselves from any burdens that may arise."

Hector Johnson
Actor/Singer for TV, Film and Stage

"Yawen is an excellent accountant - she is thorough, eager and attentive and I have found that she has committed 110% of her energy to finding solutions that make the most sense for me. She always responds to her emails in a timely manner and she is happy to present and discuss whatever options are available. She is bright, cheerful, positive and it is clear that she loves her work."

Samantha Sinanan
Self-employed Online Librarian

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